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ACQR: Acoustic Quick Response Codes for Content Sharing on Low End Phones with No Internet Connectivity
Jennifer Pearson, Swansea University, UK
Simon Robinson, Swansea University, UK
Matt Jones, Swansea University, UK
Amit Nanavati, IBM Research, India
Nitendra Rajput, IBM Research, India
Time: Thu 14:00 - 14:24 | Session: Developing World | Location: D 209

In this paper we introduce Acoustic Quick Response codes to facilitate sharing between Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service users. IVRs are telephone-based, and similar to the world wide web in many aspects, but currently lack support for content sharing. Our approach uses ‘audio codes’ to let people share their call positions, and allows callers to hold their normal (low-end) handsets together to synchronise. The technique uses remote generation and recognition of audio codes to ensure that sharing is possible on any type of phone without the need for textual literacy or an internet connection. We begin by exploring existing user needs for sharing, then evaluate the technical robustness of our audio-based design. We demonstrate the value of the approach for voice service users over several separate studies—including an eight-month extended field deployment—then conclude with a discussion of future possibilities for such scenarios.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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