Industrial Case Study

Giving Voice to Enterprise Mobile Applications
Chaya Bijani, Oracle
Brent-Kaan White, Oracle
Mark Vilrokx, Oracle
Time: Wed 15:02 - 15:14 | Session: Design Competition and Industrial Case Studies Track | Location: Große Aula

Speech technology is gaining popularity and is used in a wide range of mobile applications and consumer devices. Speech-based interfaces circumvent the typing difficulties posed by soft keyboards. This paper describes the design and research of a speech-based interface for an enterprise sales application that combines speech recognition, natural language processing, and web services to drive the application. The paper further delves into the research methods applied—paper prototype testing, structured interviews, and a lab study—to gather feedback at various design stages. Finally, the paper describes how each of the three distinct research methods provided researchers with a more complete understanding of the user experience and led to a redesign.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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