Industrial Case Study

A DIY Power Monitor to Compare Mobile Energy Consumption in Situ
Paul Holleis, DOCOMO Euro-Labs
Gregor Broll, DOCOMO Euro-Labs
Marko Luther, DOCOMO Euro-Labs
Bertrand Souville, DOCOMO Euro-Labs
Time: Wed 14:38 - 14:50 | Session: Design Competition and Industrial Case Studies Track | Location: Gro├če Aula

Many current smartphones need to be recharged every day despite only average usage. This problem is intensified when phones need to track their location on a continuous basis. We provide a yet unavailable platform for accurately measuring the energy consumption of different hardware / software solutions comparing up to three variants in a mobile setting. We show that the accuracy of our system is similar to a fixed, commercial system but is especially useful to evaluate and optimize technology and algorithms that require the phone to be used on the go.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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